Saturday, 17 October 2015

Leigh upon Mendip, Somerset

Recently I've been aware I've been admiring the Organic Forms of our lovely Norman fonts. You may think it mad but I've been known to give them a little pat, because they're so solid and rounded.

But this one... well the official description is that it's scalloped. But let's face it, it has definite bum-like qualities. This is not a bad thing. And surely this couldn't have been lost on the sculptors.

"What would you like for your font then?"
"Well I don't know really, what can you do?"
"I've been doing a very nice line in Scallops recently. You could go for lots of scallops, or maybe just the simple version and have just a few."
"Oh yes let's go for the few then."
"Ooh yes I've got just the thing in mind. (Heh heh)."
"Nothing, nothing. I'll send you the invoice in due course."

When we first came in I thought the design was straightforwardly square with two scallops per side. But at the corners, when you ducked down and looked carefully underneath, you saw it's got a kind of concentric chevron thing going on. And that added a special touch I thought.

The rim was a bit bashed - the usual result of presumably removing the lock which was once added to it. The cover, in depressingly predictable fashion, was fairly vile.

But it's nice that the base is round, contrasting with the square bowl. It was definitely another pleasing font.

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  1. When have you ever seen an unpleasing (Norman) font?